How can I delay order fulfillment to allow subscription changes?

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Hello I am having a lot of success using Shopify for online retail. I only have one problem that is pretty specific to my store.

- A customer can order from thursday to saturday night

-The orders are subscription based

-The customer can change their subscription every weekend

-how can I pause fulfillment so that the customer has time to edit their subscription if they would like.


This is a problem I have been having some trouble with because my store sells local produce we have a different menu that us updated every thursday. Is there anyway to pause automatic fulfillment? I know I can change it to manual fulfillment but with the amount of orders I have it takes to much time.

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You can do this with Order Automator app. Here's how:


1) Turn off Shopify automatic fulfillment

2) Create fulfillment rules in Order Automator (if product contains X then request fulfillment to Location A)

3) Set a delay in processing in Order Automator (example, process order after 2 days)

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