How can I display a dropdown for different local pickup points?

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We have two shipping methods on our store:

  • local pickup from our physical shop;
  • local pickup from our carrier's 84 pickup points.

Our carrier offers 84 pickup locations where users can collect their orders.

We couldn't find a way to display a dropdown below the shipping method with all the available carrier's pickup points. The rate is the same for all pickup points: €3.50.

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We created Octolize Pick‑up Points PRO app that allows you to display a list of pickup points. It uses the customer's delivery address and offers them to pick the one they prefer. We're unsure which carrier you're using @fuelshop, but our app offers globally distributed pickup points from: DPD, DHL, UPS. Moreover, you can set your own price for the pickup points' delivery method, i.e. 3.50 EUR.


If you have any questions, please ask. Our Octolize team is here to help.


At Octolize we strongly believe that shipping is a make-or-break aspect of eCommerce. That’s why we create solutions that make it easy to calculate and display the right shipping methods for e-commerce. Our goal is to grow the stores using our solutions.
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If the carrier is not supported by Octolize, can we create the carrier and the list of their offered pickup points?