How can I display barcode numbers on my order exports?

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I've run into a bit of a problem, although one I didn't expect to have tbh!

I've recently launched and have taken some orders but the barcode numbers (UPC) assigned to each product aren't shown anywhere within the order.

I sell items that are created to order so the barcode is the design reference, so without it, I'm manually having to search hundreds of designs to find the correct one.

So in short - how do I add the barcode to the orders so it appears on the CSV when I export?

Any help really appreciated!

Thank you 🙂

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The products and orders are in separate tables so you cannot combine data from both using the Shopify csv system. Some options:

  • Use barcode as your SKU as this shows up on line items.
  • Use an excel macro to add barcodes to line items based on a sheet with all your products.
  • Use a third party app like ours that will combine your orders and product data and produce a csv automatically based on your requirements. But I think one of the above might be sufficient in your case.