How can I enforce address verification during checkout?

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Is there an app or something to add to the checkout that forces a customer to double-check their shipping address. And where they have to check a box agreeing that the information is correct? And to also have a box saying they are responsible for shipping costs if the package is returned and shipped to another address. Please tell me something like this does exist. Third time this week that a customer emailed me after I shipped an order and they say the mailing address is incorrect. And then they expect me to pay for shipping to re-ship it. very frustrated!

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Hey Johnny. There's no function in Shopify unfortunately, but there are address verification apps available in the Shopify App Store: Search results for "address validation" – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store

Our app Starshipit does a lot more than just address validation, but our system checks the address for every order that's imported from Shopify and allows you to correct it in one click. Best of luck!

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Hi Johnny724 - 

There is a way to tell if an address is commercial or residential. UPS and FedEx offer this service. The easiest way to do it in real time is to use rate management software like ShipperHQ  that can perform this action automatically for you.


The nice thing is shoppers will be charged the correct amount for shipping, and helps you avoid fees associated with package rerouting, failed delivery, late deliveries, and returns.


You can take a 15-day free trial from here.