How can I extract the customs description from a metafield for international shipping?

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When I ship internationally, Shopify automatically inserts the HS code description as the product description.


But this is often not an accurate description of the goods. For example, bicycle pedal straps might be classified as 6307.90 "Other made up articles, including dress patterns.; Other"


Not only is the description vague and inaccurate, but it excludes important information like the material fibre content, which may be necessary for more specific classification which varies by country.


How do I pull the customs description from a metafield?

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Hello @quarfie ,


Ideally, HS Code 6307.90 is sufficient for Customs to identify your product category of made-up articles, including dress patterns, accessories, and knitted or crocheted fabrics.


Did you face any issues in Customs clearance due to this?


By default, in Shopify, it is not possible to provide a specific customs description.


You may require an app like the  Multi Carrier shipping label app that supports a specific customs description at the product level.

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