How can I fix checkout customization issues on my website?

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Hey everyone,


I'm running into a problem with the checkout customization on my site. When I click 'Customize checkout,' I get a message saying 'Some items are no longer available.' Then, when I try to access the editor, it tells me the page URL doesn't exist, making it impossible for me to customize the page.


Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm on a tight deadline and need to launch the store in the next 2 days.


Thanks a bunch!


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Shopify Partner
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I asked my team members and they faced this issue.
Here's his reply – "Shopify takes a random product to checkout to give preview and show edits. That product should be in stock, - that's a quick fix. Or you can change that product by clicking preview."
Let me know if this works or let me know and we can fix this together.