How can I fix double shipping charges in my custom shipping profile?

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I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

I have a problem with my shipping rates.  This happened AFTER I created Custom Shipping Profile. I am receiving orders with doubled Shipping charges as their items are charged separately on each location even though my customers purchased in one order number. I have Multiple Locations under the same Shipping rates setup.  I have Printful as dropshipping and this is the one that is giving me problems because I also have another dropshipping company and it is not giving this situation

One of the representatives suggested adding one of these apps to my store. BUT I don't want to add an app that I have  I have to pay extra monthly

I would like to find a way to do this without adding any app.

I was checking and under my "GENERAL SHIPPING RATES" I have 5 locations including also Printful.  Then there is  "App Shipping Profile with Printful" with a single location Printful's address and 5 zones. What would happen if under Manage Printful I check/click "Remove Rates from Printful". Please check the attached pic. 
Or what about if under General Shipping Rates, under "Shipping from" I click Remove Rates from Printful?
What would happen if I decide on any of these two options? Could someone please explain the difference?
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We do have the same problem. All the apps suggested by Shopify Gurus weren't able to solve the issue. 

Hope, shopify will come up with a solution soon. We can't afford to set everything on free shipping before Christmas. 

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Hi Johanna2,
Thank you for your reply. I could "resolve" the problem for a moment...
however, I don't have a huge inventory so I am not sure if this would be
good for you. My problem was that I ship from different locations... so I
set up custom profiles on shipping. Yes, It was a lot of work, but now I
don't have duplicate shippings. I did for example a profile with mugs and
set up the shipping. I did another profile for headbands, then the others
by the location. Yes, you may have higher shipping, but what I did was to
reduce the shipping cost for each location when it is possible. So, if a
client buys from two different locations, the shipping cost is not so high
and neither duplicated. I hope this helps a little bit...
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Hi @Oma,

thank you for your reply. We did that, too. However as we have an inventory varying from small jewelry too big furniture, this didn't help much, because shipping can eat up all our margin. We cannot count it into the product prices either, as many of our products are highly competitive. 

So, really hope, Shopify comes up with a solution soon!

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The only solution I have found is to make all products like being shipped from the same supplier and then when not, place orders manually.

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Hello @Oma 

Do you have flat shipping rates? or depend on any third party carrier service?