How can I integrate Australia post with my shipping for label printing?

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How can I add Australia post to my Shopify shipping so I can print labels?

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You can use the Australia Post Rates & Labels app to integrate Australia Post with your Shopify store. The app helps you calculate and display rates at checkout (provided carrier-calculated shipping is enabled in your store), print Australia Post labels in bulk and also automatically mark the Shopify orders as fulfilled along with the Australia Post tracking number. 

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Hi @luxecosmetics,

Nick here from Shopify. Great question, figuring out shipping logistics can be difficult even on the best of days!

The good news is Shopify Shipping is available in Australia, but it seems like it is with the Shipping Carrier "Sendle". It doesn't seem like Australia post is available for Shopify Shipping in Australia right now. I'm based in Europe, and not overly familiar with Australian shipping labels, so I can't comment more on if this is a popular or well known carrier for you. 


You can read more about Shopify Shipping here and how to set it up here

Because Australia post isn't available for this, maybe @PluginHive's suggestion of the app route could be a potential work around for the time being if that suited you at all! 

I hope this helps and answered your questions. Let me know if you have any more. 

Thanks, Nick

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I am looking to move from our current old web site to a Shopify one.

We currently use Australia Post for virtually all our shipping and it is incorporated in our web site to calculate shipping for customer orders.

It appears that I would need to subscribe to your Shopify Plus at $299USD instead of $79USD?

It appears that we would need to effectively pay over $200USD per month just for use the shipping calculator?

Is this so and/or are there other apps that can provide this at a more reasonable price?

Help please!!, Regards, Bruce

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Hi @amnos,

There is no need for you to switch to Advanced Shopify plan to use the shipping calculator (carrier-calculated shipping). There are two other ways you can get that:

  • Add this feature for an additional $20/month on your current Shopify plan
  • Choose a yearly subscription for your current Shopify plan, with which you can get this option for free.


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Hi there HariKrishna
Thank you for your help!

Generally is there a more appropriate way of getting this kind of issue
clarified.. or is there a different way that is more suitable for this kind
of question?

Kind Regards, Bruce

BTW here is another question...
Does Shopify support Kitting, that is otherwise known as Bill of Materials