How can I limit shipping to customer's home country only?

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Hi team
Need help with the below problem,

 I have a store where  I sell  food products worldwide.

We have included the shipping and tax prices along with the product price for each country respectively.

I need to restrict customers to only add shipping address of their country i.e. a person visiting the store from India can only ship to India similarly customer from Canada can only ship to Canadian address, etc. I have created shipping zones and have added countries to which i can ship to but i need something in the checkout page where the system can restrict the customer to only ship to the location from where they are visiting the store. This is because the shipping rates and cost differs much for each country. 

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Hello @Divya19 


I got your concern! 

If customer visit from India and at checkout they choose Canada then display an error. Right? 

Please make sure we can not hide countries from checkout dropdown list.


We can archive functionality but required an app to restrict shipping at checkout. But it required CCS enabled on the store. 


May i know which Shopify's plan your store have? 



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Hi Mira , we r using Shopify basic plan ...