How can I make refunds to gift card for my on-line store?

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We only operate an on-line store.  Our store policy is to generally make refunds to a gift card and not against the original payment method if the customer just changes their mind.  As far as I know this is not possible under basic Shopify functionality as refunds are only made against the original payment method.  I was wondering if anyone had developed a workaround process on how to make the refunds to a gift card.  Open to any and all ideas.  Thanks!

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Hello Charles

Keep the order as paid, generate a GiftCard worth the value for refund and mark it on the order's timeline

hope this helps

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Thanks for your prompt reply.  Seems like a fairly straight forward approach as I was probably over complicating the potential solutions I have been thinking through. 

How do I get the inventory back into stock?  Should I just do a Transfer in and mark the Vendor as the customer and add Timeline comments to the Transfer explaining it all?


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Hi @CharlesMJr, I'm Neomi from the app,

We specialized in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.

We developed a refund solution just for this!

You can refund customers with store credit directly through your Shopify admin.


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