How can I make refunds to gift card for my on-line store?

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We only operate an on-line store.  Our store policy is to generally make refunds to a gift card and not against the original payment method if the customer just changes their mind.  As far as I know this is not possible under basic Shopify functionality as refunds are only made against the original payment method.  I was wondering if anyone had developed a workaround process on how to make the refunds to a gift card.  Open to any and all ideas.  Thanks!

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Hello Charles

Keep the order as paid, generate a GiftCard worth the value for refund and mark it on the order's timeline

hope this helps

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Thanks for your prompt reply.  Seems like a fairly straight forward approach as I was probably over complicating the potential solutions I have been thinking through. 

How do I get the inventory back into stock?  Should I just do a Transfer in and mark the Vendor as the customer and add Timeline comments to the Transfer explaining it all?


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Hello Shopify Expert,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Matt, and I am the Operations Manager of an online store called Tai Swim Co. We are currently using the Shopify platform for our e-commerce operations.


I wanted to reach out to discuss the possibility of adding an option for store credit refunds in the basic Shopify functionality. As it stands, not all customers prefer to receive refunds to their original payment method, and having the option to provide store credit would be a valuable addition to our customer service capabilities.


Store credit refunds can be beneficial for both our customers and our business. It allows customers to have the flexibility to use the refunded amount for future purchases, promoting repeat business and fostering customer loyalty. On the other hand, it gives us the opportunity to retain customers and provide an alternative solution in cases where returning funds to the original payment method may not be suitable or allowed via our policies.


I understand that there may be some complexities involved in implementing this feature, but having it readily available within the basic Shopify functionality would be a great asset for many e-commerce businesses like ours.


If possible, I would greatly appreciate your insight and expertise on this matter. Whether there is an existing solution, an app, or a custom workaround that could be implemented, your guidance would be immensely valuable. I know this function is available on POS, but it should be available on the Online Store as well.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibility of incorporating store credit refunds to enhance our customer experience.

Warm regards,


Operations Manager

Tai Swim Co.

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Hi @CharlesMJr, I'm Neomi from the app,

We specialized in gift card & loyalty store credit solutions.

We developed a refund solution just for this!

You can refund customers with store credit directly through your Shopify admin.


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