How can I manage dual shipping profiles on the same order?

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So on the website I am working on, we sell animals and we sell merchandise.  These two things require two different forms of shipping.  I set up two different shipping profiles for these things.  One can be shipped international and one can not.  One is shipped regular mail and one is shipped FedEx overnight or two day.  If someone orders an animal alone or merchandise alone the shipping calculates properly.  My problem is when someone tries to order from both shipping profiles on the same order.  It will prioritize the merchandise shipping and not the animal shipping and wont even give the option to pick the overnight or 2 day shipping.  Has anyone encountered this?  Because Shopify says it can't be done

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Try using identical names across various profiles, the shipping rates associated with those names are cumulatively aggregated and presented to your customers during the checkout process . This includes rates from distinct shipping profiles with the same name.

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