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How can I manage product variants and shipping options in my online store?

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I'm struggling right now with making my store. I'm running into the problem that I'm selling one product that has multiple variants to choose from.

1. Shipping from

2. Color

3. Wall Plug-In type

So when I import the product into my store all these variants come up, but I don't want the inconvenience of multiple drop-down menu's when someone is trying to buy my product. I preferably just the option of what color they would like to choose from. If I delete the other variants, such as Shipping from and Wall Plugin types then those entire products get deleted and I can no longer use it.

Along with that, I'm using a UNITED STATES shipping method to send to the US and CANADA. FRANCE shipping to send to the UNITED KINGDOM and CHINA shipping to send to AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. 

I'm trying to do this to maximize delivery time as well as delivery fees, but I don't know how to set it up so that when DSER or OBERLO auto-fills my orders the correct place is used to ship the orders. This is very confusing for me and hard for me to explain. Hopefully, someone understands my issue and can help! Thank You!

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Have you found a solution? I have a similar problem..