How can I offer local pickup without shipping on my second location?

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Hi, we will be soon opening a 2nd location and I would like to offer local pickup at the new location but they don’t have the facilities to fulfil orders for shipping. Does anyone know a workaround or app as shopify says it’s not possible, if the store offers local pickup then it has to fulfil orders to be shipped too.

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If "2nd location" is a 2nd inventory location (Settings > Locations), you could change the location of those orders to a different location, then have that location fulfill them.


If 2nd location is referring to a 2nd store, you could restrict shipping options. Or you could say in add to cart, cart, checkout that orders are only available in region X, and for local pickup.


If it's neither of those, I would share exactly what functionality you're looking for an app to provide, I'm sure there's a solution out there.

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The 2nd location is a store but it lacks space to fulfil orders for shipping. I want to offer local pick at the second store. The 2nd store offers different products to store 1 so that means any orders made online for shipping for products that are not in store 1 are directed to the 2nd store for fulfillment. Iv tried searching for apps that deal with local pickup but they say that they have no control over orders for shipping, this is managed by shopify 🤷‍♂️

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You can do this in our app (Starshipit). Basically, you'd just create rules to assign those SKUs for Store #2 as 'Pick-up only'.


BUT – I also believe you can just do this through Shopify Enhanced.

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Hi, thanks. I spoke to shopify and explained thoroughly what I wanted and they said it’s a limitation at the moment. If a location offers local pickup, it has to process orders for shipping.

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Hi David,



So if I understand this correctly, your goal is to hide all delivery options except "local pickup," if the customer is ordering at location 2?


If so, I have some questions:

  1. Are you talking about the Shopify online store, or the POS?
  2. If you're using the online store, how are you differentiating between when the customer's order should be sent to your 2nd location, and when it shouldn't be?

Thanks in advance for your response.

- Tobe