How can I offer multiple shipping options at checkout?

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I need to offer 2 different shipping options to customers in the same checkout page. An option for products available for immediate delivery and another option for out-of-stock products that will take a little longer to deliver. So customers need to be aware when paying for those products that some will be deliver in the same day and others in 3 days for example. Is it possible to offer this in the checkout page? It should be the same order, same payment just the shipping is different.



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You will want to research "split shipping", "split checkout", "split order", etc here on the forums as there are various approaches.

And read up and experiment with shipping profiles if not already.

Informing of shipping policy in this situation should happen before checkout as you cannot modify the shopify checkout without a shopify Plus enterprise plan.

But you can of course set the names of specific shipping profiles rates, or use a shipping app, which the checkout displays automatically.



There may be some ambiguity here in the description so below is in case I got the first read wrong.

If your describing changing what products a customer has selected during checkout isn't possible without being on a shopify Plus plan and without that changing shipping rates on the fly would need either a custom solution though the carrier-service api or shipping app ; and the order api to edit products.

Even then with a Plus account during checkout they would only be able to select 1 shipping option, and you'd mainly be informing them items will be shipped separately.

In reality this may be overcomplicating checkout for a messaging and customer-selection that should either be happening on the product page or in the /cart step and not during the checkout process .

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The SplitOrder app is worth looking at for this. You will likely need to split the order into two orders, though, so in-stock items can be fulfilled first. 


You can set up a rule in the app that will automatically split pre-orders out into a separate order. They can then be fulfilled separately from the in-stock items. 


To offer customers different shipping options at checkout (for in-stock and preorder/out-of-stock items): 


  1. Ship in-stock first, then pre-order later $30
  2. Ship in-stock and pre-order items together $15 can set this up in the app too so the customer is presented with different options at checkout. Then, you don't have to 'eat' the costs yourself to ship the pre-orders separately!