How can I offer USPS first class AND UPS ground shipping when checking out?

How can I offer USPS first class AND UPS ground shipping when checking out?

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I have made my shipping setting with UPS ground and USPS first class selected.

But when checking out, only UPS ground shipping option is showing.

The item IS small and light enough for First Class shipping.

Shopify has checked and told me it's because I haveC-BOX selected as my default in "saved packages".

Because First Class is an envelop, it's not even considering it when calculating shipping rates.

If I can select C-BOX for such packages, and also select another for ENVELOP SIZE items, that'd be perfect.

But Shopify has confirmed I can only select one.


To be able to offer both shipping rates, I'm told that I need to use a third party app. 

I'm also told  for that feature to work, I need to upgrade my Shopify plan.


I'm paying $348 a year for my existing plan, and the upgrade annual plan costs $948.

That's an addition of $600 per year JUST TO ADD USPS First Class rates.

I don't think that sounds like a very smart move.


Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about this issue?

I'd appreciate any help





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Hey @zipperandthread 


Unfortunately, what Shopify told you is the only solution to your shipping issue. Since Shopify only allows one box for shipping, having 2 or more carriers that require different boxes won't be feasible. You will have to pick one and use that for checkout, and fulfill to the true box that you use. This is where you could lose out on shipping. 


To access any rate-providing app (such as ours, Intuitive Shipping) a Shopify plan level of Shopify or higher is required. If you are paying your Shopify Subscription yearly, you do receive the Third Party Calculated Rates for free (otherwise it does have a cost of $20 a month). My recommendation is to do the math. The cost of overages that could be lost on Shipping vs the cost of jumping plans and adding a rate-provider? 


I wish I could offer a different solution. Best of luck with your shipping, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.





Customer Experience Manager @ Intuitive Shipping