How can I rearrange my store's payment methods?

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hi everyone, I have three payment methods now active on my store, is there a way that i can re order them to have COD first then pay in visa then BNPL method?

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Hello @may5haled 


Of course, it is possible by an available on Shopify store that works with any plan of Shopify. No required PLUS now.

Take a look here: 


Follow below steps on the app:

1) create a rule to sort payment method on the app



2) Choose country contains ALL. And in the payment method name as available on your store.



App has also a live chat option that helps you if you have any questions or need help.


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Hi, revisiting this topic. Is there a way to reorder payment methods without using a paid app? I'm aware of payment customization, but it seems to require significant coding (I went through the tutorial, but that uses a different case, so is only partially helpful). Any suggestions or resources for doing this with Shopify's built-in features or through coding? Thanks!

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unfortunately not without APP now!