How can I remove Express Checkout payment buttons from my online store?

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I am looking to remove Express Checkout payment buttons from the address input page after checking out from the online store. These buttons have caused several of my customers to skip the shipping selection page and it has wasted a lot of time in order processing.


I have looked back on all solutions to removing such buttons but none have worked. Theme developers apparently are not able to assist on such removal as the buttons are part of Shopify. Custom CSS codes do not work either.


Is there a more recent solution for the removal of Express Checkout or is there no solution at all?


Thank you.

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Hello @Ruinberg , 


You can try to follow these steps:

Go to your admin panel -> settings -> Checkout 

Go to Additional scripts -> Manage scripts -> Create a new script -> Payment gateway

add the following code:

  $('input[name="checkout[shipping_rate][id]"]').on('change', function(){
      if($('input[value="paypal_express"]').length > 0){
      if($('input[value="amazon_payments"]').length > 0){
      if($('input[value="shopify_payments_express"]').length > 0){
    }, 1000);

Save and test


Hope this can help you out.

Jen from TrueProfit.

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Same issue here.


The Shopify templates are severely flawed - invoking an express checkout option before total cost is calculated.