How Can I Remove Or Hide The Payment Options in the Ride Theme?

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Hi!. I was wondering if is possible to remove the payment method from my page. I just want people to use my store to order the product and then pick it up at the local store. There's no need to have the shipping and payment method in my cart or checkout. Basically, similar to pre-ordering or submitting an order, but without doing the payment, only saying in that case "Thanks for submitting your order", feel free to pick it up between 2-5 business days and complete the transaction at the store, something like that. I will appreciate it so much for your help and thank you. 


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Hey! For setting up your store like that, where customers can pre-order and pay in-store, check out the KlinKode PayRules app. It lets you customize your checkout to suit exactly these kinds of needs.


App link:


And here’s a quick video guide:


Hope this helps you set things up just the way you want!

- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
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