How can I resolve a refund mistake on Shopify?

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It happened yesterday, when after the customer and I agreed on a refund to his account, I submitted the refund to wrong person. They both have very similar names and the same order amount.

What can I do here on Shopify? I have contacted the customer that I sent him money he's not supposed to get. He's not responding. I called PayPal, and they said I needed to call the bank, and the bank told me I needed to contact Shopify. Has anyone else had this happen?

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Hi @Kapiko 


Thank you for sharing those details with us here. I definitely understand your situation, but our support will be limited in what we can do to help resolve this. 


If you refunded the order to the wrong customer I recommend continuing to try to contact the customer and also to send them a draft order invoice to collect the amount you refunded to them. We have no way of forcing the customer to provide payment again for this order and it may be worthwhile to just eat the cost of the accidental refund. 

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Shay wrote:

it may be worthwhile to just eat the cost of the accidental refund. 

That would be an unfortunate lesson to be very bureaucratic in customer communications.

Always require order ids/numbers, transaction ids etc.

And use those specifics for manually associating the who to the money;  alot of john smiths out there.


Unfortunately , I'm not sure there's a way to automatically bake in some sort of double confirmation step where you'd enter an order ID into form before a refund is allow, at least without apps(if possible at all).

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