How can I resolve currency conversion issues for my local sales?

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I am having currency conversion issues. Due to the volatility of my home currency, I have setup the base currency of my store to USD because most of our products are imports. I however only intend to sell locally in Naira and have tried everything.

1. Currency converter apps dont affect checkout currency. The ones that claim they do are riddled with a worrying amount of negative reviews.

2. Local payment gateway claim even if they were to support currency conversion at checkout there would be differences in prices the customer sees and the price they pay. This will be very bad for customer experience.

3. Shopify payments where multi-currency is supported isnt available in my region


1. Is there a way to have currency conversion upto CHECKOUT and payments.

2. If 1 isnt possible is there an alternative to have Shopify payments for my store.

3. If 1 & 2 aren't possible is there a way to convert my store currency back to Naira such that it converts and updates my over 300 products.

4. In addition to 3 is there a way to compensate for currency volatility (i.e price changes that updates on all products)

5. Other possible solutions are welcome.

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Hey, just starting up my Shopify store and i'm in the same boat you were in. Still cant find any converter apps that work well with naira. Did you ever find a solution. Thanks.