How can I separate payouts by location on Shopify POS?

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Currently we have an issue with Shopify payouts.  We have 3 physical stores that use the Shopify POS system and an online store.

For tax reasons and bookkeeping, we would like to say the payout amount to each location individually along with the associated taxes because each city has a different tax rate.  It takes a tremendous amount of time to go through all the transactions over the course of two weeks and add up the taxes for each location.

Or it would be great to be able to have each location receive a payout to an individual bank account.  Are there currently any work arounds for this?


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We have the same issue. We've brought it up to Shopify twice now, and they promise to mention it to the developers...It doesn't seem to be much of a priority for them.

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Having exactly the same issue - we need to be able to either (a) distinguish within/between our payouts based on the POS location or, even better, (b) just have different POS locations be able to deposit into different bank accounts. It's extremely frustrating that Shopify doesn't allow us to do this - it's so unfriendly to businesses with multiple locations. 


We can't be the first people in this situation though, hoping someone has a solve!

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Same issue here. One lump payout that I have to dissect by POS location for each of our 4 stores. Any word from Shopify?

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Same issue.  I was told yesterday they are hoping to add this soon.  Next best would be to add Location and Channel to the payout report.  They recommended using an app, Better Reports, which is too expensive for us.  DataExportIO enables a payout report with a Location field, but it's imperfect at this point, showing blank when orders are not yet fulfilled (like pre-orders).  Matrixify payout reports do not show the location field.  Any recommendations for reporting apps that include payout reports by location (and ideally channel)?

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Hi guys! 


Not an ideal solution, but you can export Payouts and Orders separately, and then cross-reference the two files. The Order export includes a 'Source' column which indicates the source of the order.


You can also reach out to our support directly if you have any additional questions or queries! 



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Having the same issue looks like this initial comment was made over a year ago. Any update on if this was fixed? Seems like a major problem that should be fairly simple to solve.