How can I set a higher delivery fee for subscription orders?

How can I set a higher delivery fee for subscription orders?

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So I have the ability to deliver flowers and customers are allowed to buy subscriptions which are 3-4 weeks of flowers. I currently have my shop set up to charge delivery fees based on radiuses from my house but that’s really for ONE time delivery, not subscriptions. I took the hit last year and most tipped still, but would really like to set a higher delivery fee for my subscriptions in my shop only vs the other one time products. How do I go about doing this??

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Here are some steps to help you develop a strategy for setting delivery fees for subscriptions:


1. Understand Your Costs: Begin by thoroughly analyzing all the costs associated with delivering your subscription service. This includes packaging materials, labor, transportation, and any other overhead expenses. Understanding your costs will help you determine a baseline for setting delivery fees.


2. Consider Value Proposition: Evaluate the value that your subscription service provides to customers. If your service offers unique or high-quality products, customers may be willing to pay a higher delivery fee. On the other hand, if your service is more commoditized, you may need to keep delivery fees lower to remain competitive.


3. Offer Transparent Pricing: Be upfront with customers about the delivery fees associated with their subscription. Clearly communicate the costs and any potential surcharges so that customers know what to expect. Transparency builds trust and can help reduce customer complaints.


4. Implement Tiered Pricing: Consider implementing tiered pricing based on factors such as subscription level, frequency of deliveries, or distance of delivery. This allows you to offer different delivery fee options to cater to different customer segments.


5. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly monitor the impact of your delivery fees on customer satisfaction and retention. Collect feedback from customers and analyze key metrics such as churn rate and average order value. Use this data to make informed adjustments to your delivery fee strategy as needed.


6. Provide Incentives: Consider offering incentives such as free delivery for long-term subscribers, referral discounts, or bundling delivery fees with other services. These incentives can help increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


By following these steps and continuously refining your approach based on customer feedback and data analysis, you can develop an effective strategy for setting delivery fees for subscriptions that balances cost efficiency with customer satisfaction.


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I think you should be able to achieve what you want simply by configuring a delivery profile specifically for your subscription products. In there, you can select a desired carrier app which should calculate the shipping rates (select the same one you are using now) and then, set the fee you want to add to this price. You can see how to set this up in the screenshot below.

This way, you can add an additional fee to the standard shipping fee only to the subscription purchases.

I am not sure which subscription app are you using to handle your subscriptions, but in Seal Subscriptions app, you can set this up in Settings > Delivery profiles.






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I don't have the ability to set a delivery profile only a custom shipping rate profile which somewhat works for my needs but then interferes with the fact that I have local delivery set up for everything in my shop. Therefore both things show up when I went to do a test checkout, which obviously doesn't help. The local delivery only allows me to set up radiuses or zip codes not apply rates to individual products. I should note I only have a lite/old buy button plan not the full Shopify. I might checkout that Seal subscriptions because I currently don't use any apps for my store. It's just a one-time subscription purchase vs reoccurring.