How can I set a single flat shipping rate for multiple suppliers?

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Hello, I've run into a problem that is somewhat urgent. I have two suppliers, viaGlamour, as well as Supliful. One supplier is located in Canada, while the other is in the USA. I'm having trouble creating a base shipping rate for both of these suppliers, which is connected for both.


This is the specific problem I'm running into:


I want to set up flat rate shipping for $2.99. However, when a customer adds multiple products from one supplier it only charges the $2.99, but as soon as they try to add products from both suppliers and checkout, the shipping is doubled to $5.98. Even though the rates are set to be linked, I don't think the products are which is why it double charges.


Is there any way to bypass this, or make it one solid flat shipping fee despite being two separate suppliers? I already tried reaching out to Shopify... they said it's not a current feature and they might add something in the future, but I need this now!



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Hi @Majestic_Grove,


You can try using the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app available on the Shopify App Store. This app provides advanced shipping management features and might offer a solution to your problem. It allows you to set up customized shipping rules based on various factors, including supplier, weight, destination, and more.


By utilizing the app's capabilities, you can create a shipping rule specifically for your situation. For example, you can set up a rule that states if products from both suppliers are in the cart, apply a single flat rate of $2.99 for shipping, regardless of the number of items or their individual suppliers. This should help you avoid the issue of double charging customers for shipping.


I recommend installing the app and exploring its features to see if it meets your requirements. Feel free to reach out for further queries!

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We have found a solution for this problem of double shipping rate due to multi-location. Using our ShipMagic app's Shipping Customization feature, you can actually setup rules such that double charging of the shipping cost is avoided.

This solution works even for the Basic shopify plan. But it only works if you use flat rate shipping.


You can install the app from here and reach out to live chat support for more information on how to setup the app.

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Throwing another solution into the ring: You could try our app Starshipit, which lets you set up flat rate shipping as a starting point, then use rules to apply different logic based on, for example, your item SKUs. Let me know if you'd like more information!

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