How can I set custom flat rate transit times for different product types?

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I would like to have two shipping profiles. One for battery containing goods, one for every other product. I want to use custom flat rates but as these do not support displaying transit times, I currently have the shipping time in the label. It will work if the customer is only buying battery containing goods. If they are buying a mix of products, they are shown two options at checkout. Understandably as including the shipping time in the label is just a hack.


Shipping Profile (Standard):

Portugal: "Free Shipping (10 to 15 days)"

Bulgaria: "Free Shipping (10 to 15 days)"


Shipping Profile (Battery Containing Goods):

Portugal: "Free Shipping (12 to 15 days)"

Bulgaria: "Free Shipping (12 to 22 days)"


Does anybody have any other ideas on how to do this?

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Displaying time isn't possible in Shopify natively using flat rates. It is only possible for carrier negotiated rates like UPS and Canada Post. 

However, what you want can be achieved using our app ShipMagic (free for a limited time). I know it is not the ideal solution, but afaik using a third party app is the only solution for this problem.

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