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How can I set specific products for local pickup or shipping only?

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Hello, I am having an issue setting products to either local pickup or shipping. I do both drop shipping and local pickup and I was unable to take local pickup off some drop shipping items so I had to take local pickup off everything including my custom items that are only pickup. I hope this makes sense. I want to set certain things to local pickup and others to ship only. When I tried to take my location off the drop ship product it said that there was no inventory with my drop ship provider which isn't so. I am so confused. Thank you in advance for any help.


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Now my customer tried to order and it says shipping not available for her address. Why??? This is super frustrating

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Did you try creating custom shipping profiles? One for dropshipping products and one for local pickup products.
I think that will solve your problem

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Hi Kim,


When you have products in two or more different profiles or locations, Shopify will separate them and charge shipping for each and then add them together at check out for the customer. Whereas if you keep the product separate, and a customer tries to check out with both items in the cart, Shopify will display their generic error message (this can also be amended).


I would suggest keeping all products to one Profile and Location and making sure you tag all items appropriately (for drop ship and pick up only).


In our app Intuitive Shipping, you can create a Scenario where the product Tag is specified or even Vendor Tag for multi-vendor locations. You can have this Scenario blend so that if an item that is pick-up only is in the cart along with an item that is allowed to ship, the customer only has a pick-up option. 


Please note though, Shopify requires a feature called "Third Party Calculated Rates" to use any third-party shipping calculator app. As long as you are not on the Shopify Basic plan, you can include this feature for free by paying for your Shopify store on an annual basis. If you set your store billing to be annual Shopify also provides a discount on the total cost of your store. If you do not switch to annual billing, the Third Party Carrier Calculated rates feature is an additional $20 a month. We are sorry that we can't provide a workaround for this. This is a Shopify feature and requirement that is, unfortunately, unavoidable.


I hope I helped answer your question, and if you have any more, please don't hesitate to ask.


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