How can I set up ACH payments and invoicing for my online store?

How can I set up ACH payments and invoicing for my online store?

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I'm really struggling with how to get custom payment methods created. 


Namely - ACH payment from end-user to my store & invoicing from a PO provided by my customer. 


Overview: My company is looking for a way to ease manual sales orders from our sales team - and lean on a more automated process so they do not have to spend time filling out order forms for hardware sales, instead directing our customers to our online storefront. We have clients who purchase hardware through us to use in conjunction with our software. The store lists our hardware, however the only payment methods we've established are Credit Cards. Due to feedback from our customers, they are looking for alternate payment methods such as ACH and/or invoicing back to their company. 


I have not been able to find any true help in forums or searches for how to seamlessly configure ACH payment method, nor invoicing. There is another item that I believe will help with being able to invoice, which is creating a mandatory field for a unique identifier in our back-end system which we can match up for invoicing the order after fulfillment (we call it a GUID), however I also am having some issues getting this custom field to appear where needed (and make it mandatory) in the customer's check-out flow. 


Any ideas, solutions, or even recommendations for a vendor/developer who can help us create the above would be greatly appreciated!

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I too would like an easy ACH payment solution. CC payments and their fees are nonsense for wholesale.