How can I set up incremental shipping charges on my eCommerce platform?

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The supplier's worldwide shipping cost is 2.50$ +1.50 for each additional product in the same order. I would use help understanding how to set that up on my account. 

Coming from a Spocket representative: I am not certain if Shopify is able to support incremental shipping charges. I would suggest reaching out to them directly to check this possibility. As this is more directly requires Shopify knowledge.  

I don't see any extra space to add another value (1.50$) so if someone from overseas orders multiple products at once and only gets charged 2.50$ in total, then I would be the one that needs to pay out of pocket for each additional order. 

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Sorry for the late reply. I hope you found a solution. If you haven't, you can checkout ShipMagic app.

As the app is new, I am also giving away the app for free to few users to try the app. 

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