How can I set varying delivery times at checkout?

How can I set varying delivery times at checkout?

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Hi all


I ship my products globally but I have different estimated times of delivery for each area.


UK is 5-10 business days

EU: 5-10

ROW: 5-15

How can I set this at checkout? Right now its just in my product description but as we all probably know people dont read this
Any elp is appreciated, thanks

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Hey @scottyccfc,

If you follow this answer from @Karlie and also make sure that you have each of these zones set up separately in your shipping settings (even if you charge the same rate for each), this should work.

This won't work if you use Shopify shipping profiles and offer a live and flat rate since they will combine at checkout with the generic name of "Shipping". If this is the case for your store, you can set this up in Intuitive Shipping so that you can control the names of combined rates and set the expectations for your customers at checkout.


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