How can I sync shipping settings from Shopify to Google Merchant Center?

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Currently I'm trying to take shipping setting directly from shopify to Google Merchant Center.
In Google Merchant Center I've set up default return policy and shipping rates, as otherwise products blocked from free listing and shopping ads. But that is not effective, and far from accurate, as our store use wide variety of products, and rates calculated by carriers automatically (most commonly used is USPS and DHL).

In shopify, settings for app already activated 'Automatically import shipping information' long time ago, so I have no idea what can be the reason for rates not being transferred to Merchant Center.
If checking Content API, the only values that shown there, related to shipping, is price and weight, not sure if there supposed to be something more or not

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When you enable automatic import for shipping settings, it will be re-submitted every 24 hours. If that is not the case, maybe try to remove the app and re-install it.


If it still fails, and it has never sent shipping rates, then my guess is that it is not able to import your settings.


In this case you will need to set it up manually.

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