How can multiple merchants manage inventory on a single shopping website?

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Here is what I am building:

Using shopify storefront API (GraphQL) I am building a shopping website. On this website I will be listing products from multiple merchants. Is there a way I can provide a dashboard/login credentials to each of these merchants to update and manage their inventory?

lets say I have 100 merchants whose products I will be listing on my shopify website. I want all 100 merchants to have a way to manage their inventory/products/sales, etc on my shopify website.

Thank you for your help in advance! 😀

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Not with the shopify admin.

Shopify does not have an merchant/staff auth api in the way you're requiring*.


If the "store" is not really a shopify store then you probably want to making a sales channel app, where each merchant has thier own shopify store and publishes to your sales-channel.


If it is a shopify store and you want sellers to manage things on that store domain you would most likely want to do this with a proxy app using regular frontend customer accounts. Where your app is a middleware to take customer input , sanitize and then operate on the admin data. 


Though of course to avoid UX and navigation confusion it can be better to have any such management on a different domain as it's own app stack. And then there's whether a customer can have a seller account and buy things with the same customer-account.

Otherwise you may need your own separate account system.


If your building a custom-storefront, headless: 


An alternative is build an app to issue each merchant their own google-sheet and consume that as an inventory feed through your app, also look at services like retool/airtable etc for building dashboards.


Good Hunting.


*Even the User api for Plus enterprise staff is read-only and no where near granular enough.

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