How can Shopify improve security after a hacking incident?

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We had 2 linked accounts with Shopify. Both were hacked, our bank account information was changed & we never received an email. we were told to put 2 step authentication on & we would be fine. But they never looked into the actual way our account was hacked. They neglected, and still are neglecting to take responsibility for anything. The legal department won’t even respond to me. 
$3400 was taken from us before it was caught. And a $9800 charge from a stolen credit card was never flagged - our average other is only like $50. So now we have $9800 chargeback being filed against us, and again i never received an email about this. Only found out about it when i opened my POS. 
I tried to contact the bank that all the info was switched to for whoever hacked the account - the bank needs to speak with Shopify - Shopify never sent me a phone number. The police would need to speak with them and they never sent me a number so i could never file a report. We’ve run hundreds of thousands of dollars through Shopify and they are treating us like trash. 

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did you ever resolve this? dealing with this now but losses over 30,000

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My company had similar experience with Shopify in 2019 where we lost thousands of dollars. Our Shopify account was hacked and our bank account info was changed.  They used stolen credit cards to purchase items at a volume far above our normal average order price - $750 per order instead of $45 per order.  We didn't receive a notification from Shopify but rather my staff noticed the irregularity.  When I called Shopify, they told me to change the bank account number which actually hurt me because when the credit cards did the chargeback it took it from my account not the fraudulent account.  When I called the bank of the fraudulent account I was told Shopify had to contact them. Shopify would not help.  I tried to appeal this with Visa and Mastercard but I had to go through Shopify.  Again, Shopify would not help.  I finally changed the cc processing company from ShopPay to  My store is now at a disadvantage because we don't have access to all the perks of using ShopPay but to this day they will not help with this matter. The security of the Shopify stores does not seem to have improved and their willingness to protect and help their customers has not changed either.  If anyone has advice on how to handle this situation, I'd appreciate it.