How can the ginormous time waste called 'Suggested Packages' be turned Off?

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Like most E-tailers we use multiple packing depending on the weight and size of shipments. We use one package about 70% of the time, and we have set it to be the store default. We have been shipping long enough now that the shipping module is now throwing darts at a wall to choose package types as suggestions for our orders.  What is suggested might be workable 1 out of 20 times, forcing us to go and change the packaging to our default. We would love to turn off the Suggestions and stop wasting our time changing away from them. Has anyone found a method to do so?

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Hello @paul127 ,


There is no option to turn off Package Suggestions.


To the best of my knowledge, not selecting 'Save this package for future use' while adding the package should reduce these package suggestions.

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You may also need to clear the saved packages in the shipping and delivery settings.

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I am dealing with this same frustration. I noticed that my default box wasn't being used for some orders and it just seemed random and ridiculous like a 17 pound product being calculated shipping for a 9x7 padded envelope, so I contacted Shopify help who put me in touch with the Shipping Specialist who told me everything looked fine to them.  I have deleted all but my med range packages from the saved packages to at least slow down the loss until I can figure out how to fix this. I'm very unhappy because I shouldn't have to pay extra for an app to deal with a function that I am presumably already paying for. If you get any light on this from your sources I would like to hear what you found out.