How can we effectively sort multiple 'ship to' addresses?

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We have customers that have multiple "ship to" locations (DTS) but a single bill to address.

We need a way to logically sort the shipping address options.

Currently options appear in a random order, that changes every time we go to key in a new order.
Ideally it would be sorted alphabetically but another option could be sort by the most frequently used address.

The current format is hard to scan and therefore slow for order entry when there are 25+ options to scroll through each time. 


Interested to know if this is affecting other shop owners?

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Yes, this is an issue.

We have a customer with over 300+ addresses.

To make matters worse, they cannot duplicate an address and it is cumbersome to locate the address from their profile, so they create a slightly different address to avoid duplication.


We need a way to manage the shipping addresses better