How do I add multiple returns address for a dropshipping store?

How do I add multiple returns address for a dropshipping store?

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I am launching an online dropshipping store, where I am selling products from different suppliers.


The returns address will be the supplier.


How do I ensure each product has a unique returns address?

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Couple ideas:


1) Create a spreadsheet that maps the product to the return address, then give your support staff access to that. When an order refund is requested, they can look up the return address in the sheet and give that to the customer.


2) Or you could add the product's return address in a metafield, using an app like Metafields Custom Field Master


Then you can access that metafield in the notification emails and order details page.


3) Or if you wanted to include it in the packing slip then you could use order notes, for example if all the items in the order are to the same location, you can add the returns address in the notes based on the vendor. You can automate that with Order Automator. You could also have it check each vendor in the order and add the return address for each product in the notes.


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I am not satisfying with this answers you just only recommend paid apps for refund product


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If some of the other provided solutions aren't suitable, you may want to try a third-party returns app, or shipping app which includes returns functionality.


It may not be a suitable option, but with our app Starshipit you can create automation rules for returns, which gives you the control you're after. Anyway, good luck!

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