How do I change price products depending on Geo Location

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Please help. I have built a store that sells products nationally, but sources supply from different suppliers in different areas.


1) I need to be able to offer the customer essentially a different user experience, different pricing, different products based on there geographic location.

2) I am using a Courier company that has a API. How do I build in this API into my store so that the customer can track their order as if my store was handling the delivery itself.

3) How do I auto generate Invoice numbers when order is paid for, with invoice number that links directly yo waybill from courier, etc...


Thank you for all the help



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Hi there!

If you want to offer different products, user experiences, prices etc. based on visitors' locations, it is best to set multiple stores. In this way, it gives you the best flexibility to control differences across regions. Among multiple stores, to prevent customers getting lost, boost user experience, and highly engage with visitors, you can set redirecting rules to auto route visitors to correct site based on their locations. For example, use Geo Targetly. It detects your visitors locations based on their locations. With its Geo Redirect tool, you can create location rules within a few steps. Each rule is associated with the redirected URLs. When the visitors match the location rules, it auto redirect visitors to correct site immediately showing them regional products and bringing local to visitors.

Or you are only considering building 1 store for you, Geo Content tool from Geo targetly may also help you set up location specific content on your webpage. It can help you alter almost any content based on visitors' locations, like products, texts, images, banners etc. It provides a built-in HTML editor for you to build different versions of content on your webpage. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.

Hope it helps!