How do I create a fulfillment number for order tracking on my ERP system?

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I have an ERP system on an IBMi, I currently retrieve orders from Shopify via an API (you call it an App, I think). All I want to do is tell Shopify they shipped and add a tracking #. 

So, I believe I need to use the fulfillment process, if there's a different way, please let me know. 


How/where does a fulfillment # get created (is it created by Shopify?)


Does anyone have a simple diagram of the processes (APIs) needed to handle this.  

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When you apply ERP to fulfill Shopify orders there are usually 5 steps: 


1> create a Shopify staff account with admin full access (if fulfill by yourself) or products, orders, apps access (3PL fulfillment);

2> Connect ERP with Shopify store and install erp app on Shopify;

3> Sync new orders from Shopify to ERP, it usually automatically sync after you integrated successfully;

4>Configurate the inventory, logistics setting in ERP;

5>Fulfill orders and sync tracking to Shopify.


Of course, it might extra configurations on both ERP and Shopify settings, but basically the ERP fulfillment are listed above. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent

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Hi @Fromm60056 ,


If you have the order and tracking details available in CSV format, you can utilize an app to import them back to Shopify.


Alternatively, you can utilize the Shopify Fulfillment APIs to automate the process. You may refer to the Shopify developer documentation for more information.

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