How do I delete a domain from a unactive store?

How do I delete a domain from a unactive store?

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Last years december I opened a store and bought a domain. The store is closed and unactive since february. I do not remember if i un-checked the option for "auto-renew" after 1 year. To access the domain section on shopify in the settings, I have to buy a plan to access my old store.


Here is the email that i got:


"You have one or more Shopify domains that might be expiring in 30 days.

If you've selected "auto-renew" for these domains on your Shopify domains page, no action needs to be taken. Your domains will be renewed for you automatically.

If you haven't selected "auto-renew" for these domains, and you'd like to keep the domains, please go to your domain settings page in Shopify and check the "auto-renew" box for each domain. You'll receive another email from Shopify before your domain expires."


How do I fix this? Thank you in advance. 

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Hi, @Elkarko006!


Thanks for reaching out. I recommend getting in touch with our live support team so we can look at your account from our end and determine if auto-renew is enabled. You can do this even if your store is closed! Simply head over to the Help Center, enter the details of your issue into the chat assistant, and click I still need help to be connected with a Support Advisor. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions about this!

Greta | Shopify 
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It sounds like you answered your own question here! 🙂


If you're unsure if you canceled the domain or not, before closing the store, then you'd need to reactivate the store, in order to go into the domain settings to check (and potentially make the change to cancel auto-renew). 


The domain will auto-renew, if that setting is set, even if you've closed your store. 


I can't guarantee this will work, but you could try picking a paid plan (cheapest one), just to check the settings, and then once you're done, you can close the store again, and then reach out to Shopify's support team to request a refund for the most recent charge. They might be able to offer the refund if you only used the plan for a few minutes to check the domain settings. Otherwise, your only other option would be to reach out to Shopify's support, to see if they can confirm/cancel the auto-renewal for you, without you having to re-open the store. 

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