How do I fulfil orders from different locations to match the location of the buyer?

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I have 3 locations holding my inventory.


I want to fulfil orders from specific locations based on a customer's country.

i.e. if a customer is in the US I want to fulfil from my US inventory and if a customer is in Germany I want to fulfil from my EU inventory.

I've set up Locations, Markets and Shipping zones but can't figure out how to map everything to make that happen.

I'd have thought Order routing would do it, but nothing there seems relevant.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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I'm not sure on the order routing, I would think shipping markets / stay within destination market could achieve this but I haven't personally done that.


If you can't find a native solution in Shopify, you can do that with Order Automator app. You just create rules to assign locations based on the country. For example if shipping country = Germany then change location to GERMANY_LOCATION. You can also create complex rules if needed.

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Thanks for the reply. I think the problem is that my Locations, Markets and Shipping zones don't all map 1-1. 


Thanks for the app suggestion - I'll have a look at that. It would be annoying if I can't do it natively and have to pay for an app. Maybe Shopify Flow could also be an option.

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Did you manage to figure out a solution within Shopify? You can definitely do this quite easily with our app Starshipit, but it's another solution to add on which might not be ideal for you! Definitely interested to hear if you figure out an approach. Good luck!

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Did you find a solution to this within Shopify? I'm currently struggling with the same issue so would be interested to know if you found a fix? 

Many thanks!