How do I get a refund for a scam purchase from a closed website?

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I purchased a mini fridge from: off of a tiktok and was charged 59$. i have tried to submit the: Report issue with merchant form but, it needs a url and since closed their website it no longer exists.So its not even letting me file a report. I cant even call a phone number for help because all help has been moved to “shopify help center” WHICH NEEDS THE URL but the url is invalid because HE SHUT THE SITE DOWN. I am unsure what to do and i want my money back.

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1, File a chargeback with your bank if you can

2. ICANN says that is registered using NameCheap domain name service. Registered on 3/14/2023 and set to expire a year from then. A new scam.

3. Report the abuse of a user of a NameCheap domain here:

The complaint should probably be filed under "fraud". 

4. You can also report web crimes here:

5. You can report a fraudulent Shopify store here: 

6. If you know who was promoting the store on TikTok, they are probably a lead to whoever was running the scam.


Sorry, and best of luck.

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