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How do I get better Shipping times as a dropshipper

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Has anyone managed to crack this code? Currently I dropship the produts on my site and offer free shipping because it can take up to 3 weeks to get to the customer using Oberlo. Has anyone else figured out how to reduce your shipping time as a drop shipper, is there a better app I could use that drop ships from the US as opposed to China? I have started to purchase products in bulk so that I can offer faster shipping, unique products and lower prices...but I am just starting out so I dont have the bankroll to do that on everything.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Check out my site here:



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Hi there!

    Using a fulfillment company can help you get significantly better rates than you might otherwise get elsewhere. Furthermore, you'll drastically reduce your shipping time.

   Very often, dropshippers won't actually take advantage of the services of a fulfillment company like us over at ShipMonk.  

   The reason is pretty simple: MOST dropshipping companies function purely as a conduit between the manufacturer and the customer, carrying with them no inventory. The downside to this sort of arrangement is that you are reliant on their transportation and shipping. You have two options. 

  1. Speak with the supplier/manufacturer and see how they feel about working with a fulfillment center and perhaps arrange them to have a portion of their inventory sent to the fulfillment center as a way to expedite shipping and raise customer satisfaction. 
  2. Purchase inventory you believe you'll be able to transport quickly and work with a fulfillment company directly. 


    Here's the difference. A good fulfillment center can ship domestically within 3-5 days and internationally within about a week. And you'll be paying significantly less than if you went out to arrange this on your own, since a portion of the shipping discounts a fulfillment center receives is typically passed down to you. Otherwise, you'll be looking at perhaps several weeks of shipping times... and customers nowadays have very low tolerance for that. 

     Just something to think about! Good luck out there.