How do I get FedEx to pick up from my Shopify store?

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Hi - I love that Shopify is now offering FedEx.  However we really need FedEx to pick up and I know shippo does not support that right now.  Has anyone found a work-around to get FedEx to pick up?

Our current FedEx rep wants to attempt to emulate the same discount on our account with them, then I could use my FedEx account in Shopify instead of shippo and get pickup.  BUT since all my labels have been printed on shopify via shippo, I don't have access to the shippo account to give FedEx examples of our box size, weight, destination zip code etc so she can try and compare and give us the same rates.

Anyone been down this road already?

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Hello @Nsicely ,


If you have negotiated rates with FedEx, it is advisable to use the PH Ship Rate and Track app.


This is a FedEx-certified app with complete integration, including rates at checkout, label generation, fulfillment, pickup, etc. The best part is that since the app is integrated with your FedEx account, you have full control of your shipments.

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