How do I make my sale price show on products?

How do I make my sale price show on products?

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I'm a bit confused. From my understanding there's two ways to apply sales to products in Shopify - one is the compare to price in the products page, which shows up on the storefront for the customer to see the before and after price but is manual (can't apply the compare to price to an entire collection automatically). 


The other way is discounts, where you can apply it to entire collections, but it doesn't show up as a before and after sale price until the customer gets to checkout. 


How do I make shopify show the before and after price on the front page without going through product by product and setting the compare to price? Surely you don't have to do your whole collection manually?


Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Bump! I'd like to know this as well.


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I found it in another chat, that you can't show the discount for the entire collection. It is quite frustrating because in order for your customer to actually see the discount, you have to go with the option #1 - provide "compare to" price on every single product.