How do I ship products based off buyer's proximity from 2 warehouse?

How do I ship products based off buyer's proximity from 2 warehouse?

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I have 2 warehouses, one in country S and one in country C. Is there a way to charge the customer shipping fee / and where the inventory is shipped from depending on where the buyer is located? 

For example: A customer from Country I  purchases and since Country I  is closer to Country S warehouse, the inventory will be shipped from Country S. 

Another example: If a customer from Country C purchases, the inventory will be shipped from Country C warehouse. 

I hope there's a way around this because I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!

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hi @vkimberl 

Shopify doesn't inherently support automatically selecting the fulfillment warehouse based on buyer location, but you can achieve what you described with the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app. First, you can create shipping zones for different regions. Then, you can assign your warehouses (Country S and Country C) to corresponding zones. The app integrates with various carriers and calculates shipping costs in real time based on weight, dimensions, and origin/destination (your warehouses in this case).

For instance, a customer from Country I (in the zone assigned to Country S warehouse) would be presented with rates automatically calculated from the designated warehouse.

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Hey @vkimberl! As UjjawalS said, you can't do this natively in Shopify, you'd need to use another app. I can see they've suggested one option - you may want to look at ours (Starshipit) too. It's got a rules engine which lets you set up automations to change shipping rates etc based on factors like post code. 

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