How do I sign up for Shopify Payments with a foreign directorship?

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I have recently started a Singapore-based business where I’ll be selling clothing items to Singaporean consumers. The business is a registered business based in Singapore (registered as a PTE LTD with an EUN number) which has a physical address in SG and has a corporate checking account at a bank in Singapore. Since the company’s main customer group are the Singaporean consumers, the checkout currency is in SGD.


I’m a foreign citizen, so I am acting as the foreign director (holds 100% shares) of the company, and there is another person acting as the resident director in place who is a Singaporean.


Since I still haven’t applied for the Employment Pass, I will be running the company remotely, with frequent visits to the Singapore office, usually two times a month. Orders will be packed and delivered by the staff based in Singapore.


The problem occurs when signing up for the Shopify payments where I have to enter NRIC/FIN. Is there a work around to this issue?


(If the IP address is going to be an issue, I can easily visit to Singapore to initiate the sign-up process because I will be frequently travelling to Singapore to carry out the business.)


Or, is it possible to include my resident director’s information in place of mine (he holds NRIC number, but holds zero shares - but holds responsibilities like making sure regulatory filings are submitted on time).


A prompt response would be much appreciated.

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Hi Shashika,


May i know if your problem is solved? I'm having the same problem. how did you resolve it?

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I'm having the same problem. how did you resolve it?