How do merchants handle refunds with Alipay?

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One merchant that we work with is using Alipay as one of their payment methods. 
Alipay is a great way to reach more customers. However, they do not have a full Shopify integration which prevents them from tracking refunds in Shopify. 

This provider doesn’t support refunding orders within your Shopify admin. To refund an order, you will need to sign in to your account with this provider.

  1. What options exist to see Alipay refunds in Shopify? 
  2. If I manually refund an Alipay order in the Shopify admin, would that trigger anything in Alipay, or is that a valid option to keep track of refunds?
  3.  Does Alipay plan to support refunds in Shopify in the future? If yes, what is the timeline for it?

Background: Total sales are inflated, Product performance is incorrect without SKU refund data, a lot of other painful reporting issues. 

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