How do you change the shipping settings for more than one item?

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I have different shipping rates for specific items and regions but I don't know how to add the shipping cost of a second or third item.  I'm losing money on shipping because only the first item is charged for shipping?  any ideas welcome.  thanks


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You would need to use a third party app like ShipMagic to do this or you can use weight as proxy for this.

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Hello @East_Coaster  ,


Shipping rates based on quantity are not possible with Shopify flat-rate shipping.


However, it is possible to configure rates based on weight ranges or price ranges.


You can configure the weight for each product and set up shipping costs based on weight ranges.


For example, configure the product weight as 5kg and set the shipping rates as follows:

0-5kg - Rs600
5-10kg - Rs1200

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