How do you get Canada Post shipping on a single item that ships in two boxes?

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I have products that cannot be economically shipped in a single box as total weight exceeds 30kg, so they are shipped in two boxes.  The sizes and shapes of the boxes are different and the two boxes are defined in my settings:

Box 1 - long and 15kg

Box 2 - square and 20kg


The shipping costs for each box individually is different (as expected), but I cannot set up the order page for for one item in two boxes such that the Canada Post plugin calculates the shipping on them.  I have tried a few shipping Apps with no luck and have been in touch with a Shopify guru who noted that this requires a workaround, either requiring a coding edit or having a customer add a box manually to get accurate shipping charges. 


I've been able to approximate what the total shipping charge would be by adding a factor on a single box, but then I can't print the required two shipping labels neatly through the app.


Since my packaging for this product is well defined, does anyone have a method for having a customer buy one item, shipped in two boxes, that will work seamlessly for me and the customer?



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Hey there, @ChrisPowerPlay 


At this time, this feature is not natively built into the Shopify platform. With that said, you do have 2 options in order to get 2 labels for one product:


  1. Purchase the labels outside of Shopify. Once you buy the label, paste the tracking info into the order
  2. Create a draft order to print the second label.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks Dirk,


For 1 - If I go with option 1, how can I take advantage of Shopify's discounted shipping rates (Canada Post)?


For 2 - If I do that, the customer would then only see half the shipping cost on-line, and I'm doing the draft order just to get the 2nd shipping label.  Not ideal.

I suppose I could also show no shipping, and get back to them with the actual shipping charge, but to get the discounted shipping rates, I have to manually verify shipping costs for each box to obtain the Shopify discounted rates. 


Am I generally correct, and if so, any other ideas to make this easier?



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Hello @ChrisPowerPlay ,

 Regardless of the weight limit of 30kgs, the total weight of 2 products is 35kgs in your Shopify store at the cart, and instead of creating two separate boxes based single factor out of the three-dimensional factors alone.

You can either create a weight-based packaging(If, weight is the sole factor) method or an advanced volumetric-based box-packing method using the Multi-carrier shipping label app.

The app supports Canada Post as one of its shipping carriers. The app displays real-time shipping rates and automatically chooses cheaper service options from Canada Post carriers and also the app will automatically choose the right volumetric box, which can incorporate both the products within one box considering both the weight and dimensions of each product.

You can try the app with a 14-day free trial and contact the support team for any help required.

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