How do you manage tax for free influencer orders?

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how do you guys handle the free influencer orders?

If we give away stuff to influencers, we usually create an order and just mark it as payed. But then it shows up in the statistics as revenue. 

By giving a 100% discount, the whole price is 0. But we have to pay and keep track of the taxes for these products. So it would be great to create an order for influencers, and still have the tax displayed. Maybe we need to do this with our accounting software.



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no answers here. have this same question. 

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I have the same question....Hope someone can help us. Because until I know, we 'process' influencer orders outside the system. We manually reduce the inventory in shopify, then we go to the courier and send it out (at a higher cost and with no visibility in the choppy reporting). What we would prefer would be a means of processing in Shopify and then also have the sencloud courier label print process go through.

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This product seems good for giving influencers free products quickly instead of doing the 100% discount thing: