How does a seller choose a declared value of their choice when sending from U.S. to Canada

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I had this discussion with Shopify chat & an hour later they have not responded & by all appearances an hour or so later have no intention to & will likely not from all evidence >



Is it possible to change the declared value of goods going to customers from U.S. to Canada?  If I can request a call back here (no. below) any time of day or evening, then I'm doing that.  I asked via chat but have waited 45 plus minutes & have not heard back from them as of yet & am not confident I ever will. That conversation is cut & pasted below.







This is from Rosemary >


Hello. How can I help?

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I'd like to know how one would go about changing the declare value of a product sent from the U.S. to Canada.

I meant declared

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Do you mean the value of the product from US Dollars to Canadian Dollars?

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I mean the value of the product period in whatever dollars.

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I apologize I am not following. Could you provide more context?

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When sending packages to Canada from the U.S. in any context using or not using shopify there's always a place to declare the value.  If the seller wants to declare it at a certain value, is thee a way to do so with shopify?  One certainly can by sending it direct by say USPS or any other service.

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The seller is using shopify to get UPS to deliver.  They make life very difficult for the buyer w/o the seller being able to choose a declared value. Do you understand or would you call me at 416-971-7555 to make it clearer?

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I consider this is possible. However, I will have to review it with the team. Once I have a concrete answer I will provide an update via this chat.

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Can you email me so I don't have to watch this constantly? I can then use that email to instruct the buyer & I'll have a record of it.  Thanks

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I put in my email address before as requested but just in case it needs repeating - it's,

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10mb max upload


I put in my phone no. above (I deleted it in this forum) & at this point, unsurprisingly have not been phoned either.


If someone can give me a coherent reasonably simple, actionable way for the buyer to declare a chosen value to the courier through shopify, It would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, John


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I'm not an expert on this, but my impression is that you can't - if you've charged a customer a certain price for the product, then that is, and legally must be, the declared value. Only if you are sending samples or "comp" products (say to reviewers or prospective customers), where they are paying you zero for the product, would you need to declare a value, but I don't think Shopify has a way to enter that (that I know of), so if this is an issue, then those you should be sending on your own, rather than fulfilling through Shopify.

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Hello @John1000 ,


If you are using Shopify Shipping, you do not have the option to adjust the declared value.


However, if you have your own account with the carrier, you can go to the carrier's website to process the shipment and choose the declared value.


Alternatively, you can use an app like Multi-Carrier Shipping Label, which helps you adjust the declared value.

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