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How does Zendrop integration affect shipping setup?

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Hi Team, 


Reaching out for some help. 

I am in the midst of setting up my first store. I am currently working through my store settings and stuck at Shipping & Delivery. I have connected Zendrop to fulfill my product, does that automatically bring its shipping times and costs across or do I have to manually set these up by creating zone? 





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Hey there! I work directly with Zendrop and can help answer this.


When reviewing any product listing in your Zendrop account, and you have a general idea of where you'll be primarily shipping the product (or you're just curious), you will be able to choose a country from a dropdown list for a quick shipping price check. Once a country is selected, the average shipping time to that country will be updated in real time as well as the shipping cost to the country + the total cost (product cost + shipping cost). Although, within Shopify you are able to adjust the cost of your shipping to whatever you'd like to charge your customers.


Once a customer places an order, they'll automatically receive a tracking link to their email once the order is ready to be shipped out. Our standard shipping time worldwide is 12-15 days, depending on what the product is and where it's being shipped to.